Questions in your Mind!

  • How sure am I that this is not a Scam?

I always feel you when it comes to trusting anyone with your savings. I am also aware of the scams existing on the virtual market. However, I want to give you a disclaimer- how will you expect someone to trust you with their assignments that has deadlines, yet you cannot trust them with your money? In simple terms, you have to build your trust, for you to be trusted. I will give you emails of a few successful trainees on the testimonial, whom you can contact anytime to check on their progress and inquire about my legibility.

  • What Happens after Making Payments?

The training takes place immediately so long as it is within the stated training period (8:00 Am- 11:00 Pm, Monday-Saturday).

  • How Does the Training Take Place; Will I just Pay, then Get Notes?

I can assure you that you will get a very personalized training program, that is specific to your learning pace. As a professional teacher, I understand the different types of students who need special attention.

  • How often are You Available Online? How Long Does It Take to Respond to My Assignment?

Being an online tutor, I am available all through between 8:00Am- 11:00Pm from Monday to Saturday. As well, I respond immediately for reviewing of your assignment.

  • How Do You Manage So Many Trainees at the Same Time?

I offer very fast yet high quality services. Therefore, in the event that I have a large number of trainees at the same time, I respond to each individually, whereby the rest will only have to wait for only a few minutes.

  • Can I Learn and then Pay after the Training?

No. I am only a trainer, who imparts the skills then release you to the market. Therefore, you don’t work for me but I always connect you to a job provider who will be giving you jobs before you begin your journey to getting direct clients.

  • How Much Can I Earn as a Beginner?

As a beginner, you will work for local clients, who will pay you Ksh. 250/Page for academic writing while for article writing you are paid Ksh.0.6/word. Therefore, if you can write at least 8 pages a day in academic writing; that equates to Ksh. 2,000 per day. For article writing, you can write at least 3000 words, which is Ksh. 1,800. Therefore, the amount of cash you are likely to earn depends on your hard-work and skill to deliver quality work.

  • I am already a Writer, Can You Give Me Jobs?

Good idea! However, my jobs providers are limited, hence, I am only able to connect my self-trained writers alone. Nevertheless, I offer a cold pitching course that allows you to get international and local clients, which guarantees a consistent flow of income. The course takes only a few days; the training fee is Ksh. 2,000.

  • I am not Able to Pay the Full Amount at Once; Can I Pay in Installments?

Sure! I allow two installments. The first one you pay fully for one type of training, then after we are through you pay fully for the other type of training.

  • Can I Pay Then Learn Later?

Yes. I keep a good record of all my trainees, therefore, you can be sure to be served when you are ready. Although, I do not encourage trainees showing up any time they wish. A good learner is disciplined and consistent.

  • What’s Your Primary Mode of Communication?

Considering that everything pertaining the training is on the online platform, I prefer use of WhatsApp/SMS/ Email. With these, it is easy to give quick notifications and fast responses anytime.

  • What is the Difference between Academic Writing and Article Writing?

Academic writing is a style of writing that researchers use to express and define intellectual margins of their particular disciplines in their area of expertise. Therefore, academic work involves research writing on a specific discipline, which is submitted for reviewing by lecturers/tutors. Conversely, article writing involves creation of well-researched content on a given topic concerning a specific niche. For instance, the research materials posted on websites, blogs, and newspapers among others on specified topics. Hence, academic writing is formal whereas article writing is informal.

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