Rachael G

2019 has Turned My Life Around

It was on 30th Nov 2018. I was lying on my bed after a long day of hard work. Things were getting out of hand by now. It was now four months since I moved out of an abusive marriage. It was a difficult decision to make, considering that I had three children with me to raise. I am a product of an Read more

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Evans Muriuki

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I suppose my life turned out just the way I had imagined. Writing has now become a part of my life. The writing interest developed after I saw an enticing on-line jobs post on Facebook. I contacted Irene who took me through the course diligently. I am fortunate to have met Irene who mentored me as she brought me to a point of self-realization. It takes time to accept this reality! I realize that people do not have to have natural born talents to become successful writers and researchers. It is all about doing what you love. Amazingly, I am keeping up in the writing industry, I am eight months old in writing, and look forward to getting to greater heights. Big up Irene!

Julie W, a successful writer!
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“I chose to study from the best. When it comes to learning how to write excellent academic and article projects, Irene W. Kinuthia is that person—she’s skillful, passionate, humble, teaching from personal experience, and motivated to show you the way. What she teaches you will help you improve your writing, not just during the course, but beyond.” I am now a competent writer, managing other writers under me. I can’t’ thank her enough, for giving me an opportunity to learn. I still feel that I paid too little, compared to the achievements I have attained in a span of five months. Again, big thanks!

Benjamin .N.

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It is true that a few people wish to write, but many wish to have it written. At luminous writers, I fell in love with writing. A while back, a colleague asked me how I ended up in writing. I took my time to explain about my experience at luminous-writers program. During my training as a writer, I felt like I was ripping apart, the way muscles rip when we exercise, reinventing my writing practice. This was greatly credited back to Irene, an outstanding trainer in writing. She kept challenging me, time and again, while still affirming that she believed in my writing. Even before I was done with the training, I got a call awarding me a long time writing deal. My experience at luminous-writers has shaped what I do today as writer.
I would recommend the program to any aspiring writer.

Peter G., a successful Writer!
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I still can’t comprehend how learning for just two weeks transformed my life. I am a student in one of the Kenyan universities, but I was indeed broke and life was too hard on me. I saw an enticing post on Facebook on online writing jobs. I just decided to give it a shot. Amazingly, after the two weeks of training, I was already working in the industry. I am now one month old in writing, I look forward to getting more!

Wilberforce. I, a successful Writer!

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A very Brilliant tutor, always encouraging and helpful. She indeed understands the various levels of writing and the market requirements for a competent writer. Grateful to have met the best online writing tutor, I am now working for a top company, having a long-term engagement.

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